I’m a BzzAgent and I’ve been trying out Green Mountain Coffee for a while now. I received a free sample pack with 3 boxes of K-Cups to try out and share with my friends. This time around I tested out the Three Continent Blend, which combines the flavors and aromas of South America, Africa, and Asia into one harmonious Extra Bold Blend3 continent

Green Mountain Coffee worked with musician Kelly Clarkson to pass on the good vibes from this great coffee. Kelly Clarkson went to Peru to experience why Fair Trade means better coffee for you and a better life for farmers. At, you can exclusively download her Fair Trade song.

kelly clarkson

Whether you prefer going to the store or buying everything with a click of the mouse, Green Mountain Coffee® has you covered. Go to to print up to 5 coupons that will save on 18- and 12-count Fair Trade Certified K-Cup® packs at preferred retailers. Please note that I can share the printed coupon with my friends and readers, but only a total of five coupons can be printed from this link, as supplies are limited. So if the link no longer works, SORRY!

Or, if you guys are feeling so inspired while visiting that you can’t wait … you don’t have to! They can save $2 on a 24-count of K-Cup® packs with one of the five following coupon codes*:


Again supplies are limited so don’t wait! Each code will only work once – and that’s not once per reader, that’s only one time ever!

Green Mountain Coffee offers one of the nation’s largest selections of Fair Trade Certified coffee. You can check out all their flavors at Fair Trade helps ensure that farmers get a fair price for their beans, so they can invest in quality. Also, check out so you can learn even more and add Fair Trade K-Cup® packs to your routine.



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