Playtex Secrets® Balconette Underwire Bra Review




For far too long, ladies have compromised style for a supportive fit in their bras. Have you ever wanted a bra that matches your personality as well as your curves? That’s exactly what Playtex Secrets® bras do. It’s the collection that caters to your fashion sense, while keeping you squarely in your comfort zone. Available in cup sizes B through DDD, Playtex Secrets® bras give you the trusted fit and support you’ve come to expect from Playtex®, along with 100% gorgeous styling. Looks like you can have it all now – style AND support in your bra!

Flatter yourself and your figure with your new Playtex Secrets® Balconette Underwire designed to fit and flatter your every curve! With wide-set straps, perfect for open necklines, and seamless, contoured cups for a smooth look under clothes plus a stylish, supportive frame, the Balconette is sure to be your new favorite bra.

I’ve been testing out this bra as a BzzAgent and mine is a mixed review. I think the bra is super supportive for us ladies with larger chests. The style isn’t as young as I prefer, in fact, I don’t think I would buy this style of bra again because I wouldn’t want to be seen in it 😐 The cups are shaped to give you shape and perk, but they point a little too skywards to look natural. This is a full coverage bra for sure! No side boob to worry about while wearing this bra. On the other hand, I’ve worn this bra while working out and everything stayed where it should be and I remained incredibly comfortable throughout the whole workout. This is definitely a standout feature of the bra.

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