Mail Haul – 11/15/12

I came home Thursday to a pretty sweet haul of free samples. I am a Savvy Sampler for Naturally Savvy, so every once in a while I get a package full of natural and organic products to try and give my opinions on.

So here’s what’s inside (right to left):

RE-BODY Saf Slim The Original Belly Fat Supplement Tangerine Cream Fusion:This is probably the one sample I got in the sample package that I have no interest in. I don’t use diet supplements; I never know what’s really in them and they don’t work. However, Naturally Savvy only sends out organic and natural products, so I have confidence that there’s nothing bad for me in here. I’ll pass this sample along to a friend to get some feedback on it.

ECOVER Natural Dishwashing Liquid Grapefruit & Green Tea:
I was so hoping this would be the ECOVER laundry detergent *sigh*. The scent of this dishwashing liquid is heavenly! This product cleans and degreases like a charm. The bottle says one squeeze is enough for a sink full of dirty dishes, but I like a lot of suds while I wash dishes so I may have squeezed twice :-). The trial size is going to last me a while (LOVE IT!), but after that I’ll definitely buy ECOVER’s dishwashing liquids in the future!

Blue Diamond Almonds Baked Nut Chips Sea Salt: I hate to say it, I tore into these minutes after I opened the sample package. I was so hungry! These chips did NOT disappoint my stomach. They were the perfect amount of salty and crunchy. I’m not a big fan of chips in general, but the package size was 1 serving for only 60 calories so I didn’t feel guilty at all about devouring them. I’ll definitely purchase these again!

Pamela’s Products Baking & Pancake Mix: Getting this sample made figuring out what to make for dinner last night a breeze! We ended up having breakfast for dinner, a favorite in my house. I made these as pancakes and they were just ok. They’re super healthy just by looking at the ingredients, so you lose a little on the taste side. The mix is wheat free and gluten free! I’d probably buy these again to use for baking, but I wouldn’t buy them to make pancakes with. Not for me :|. A positive point for sure is that the package is designed for a single serving. So making yourself breakfast in the morning just became super quick and easy for all you pancake lovers!

There were also various coupons for future discounts on the products in the sample pack.

For more info on Naturally Savvy, check out the following:

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