Sampling #CrestWhitestrips From @Crest and @Influenster


A couple weeks ago I was sent a VoxBox from @Influenster. I was selected to sample #CrestWhitestrips for free (SWEET!). This wasn’t any sample-sized opportunity either, I got the real deal! A full box of @Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Advanced Seal No Slip Technology. In 20 days, for 30 minutes a day, you can expect professional effects to take place. I’ve noticed some positive changes within the first 5 days of using it, and some people have seen the effects take shape after only 3 days. That’s not bad folks, and most likely your teeth need it! Crest guarantees your satisfaction, because they know how important your teeth are, so these are also really safe on your enamel too. Major plus!! On a 1 to 5 scale, these have a 4 for whitening power. That’s some tough stuff.

There’s only 3, super simple, steps to follow. Just peel, apply, and watch your teeth whiten over the 20 days. Say no to yellow! I waited too long to use something like this, and now I can’t stop smiling in the mirror just to check if they look better. I’m a coffee drinker and you can tell from the look of my teeth… yikes. You can also use the Whitestrips with the other Crest 3D White collection of products, especially if you want an extra white smile. I’m already looking to add to my 30 minute routine.


If you’re curious about Influenster and the Crest Whitestrips check out my video to see the contents of my VoxBox. I was super excited when I received it so I snapped a video!

I’ll keep the blog updated with my progress!

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