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I’ve been a member of Influenster since about September of this year. This is a site that lets you sample great new products for free! In return, there’s challenges and reviews that you can participate in. The more you talk about the product(s) you received, the better your chances are of getting another “VoxBox”. From some of the pictures I’ve seen on the site, these aren’t little samples AT ALL. These are full-sized products, usually a large number of them to give out to friends. Afterall, this is word-of-mouth marketing so they want you to talk as much as you can about the product you receive. I’m good at talking, so this is the right site for me!!

Since I joined, Influenster underwent an entire website re-vamp. Let me be (not) the first to say it’s AWESOME! It’s so interactive now and you can follow along as you moved up the ranks on the site, with something they call an Influenster Score. I’m at 70 now, which is pretty good :). I enjoy working towards “badges”, which they use to determine which samples are most suitable for you.

It took a little while for me to be selected for a VoxBox, but I received my first one within the last couple of weeks. I’ll talk about the product I received and chat a bit more about the whole experience in an upcoming post.


Here’s the details for Influenster:

I’d love to send you an invite to join the site. Message me for details so we can spread the word together!!

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